May 23rd, 2011

Postcards from Fereldan

Dragon Age II is conducting a very expensive experiment. They're trying to figure out if RPG players notice or care if you reuse the same locations.

In all of Kirkwall, there appears to be one kind warehouse, one cave, one house, etc., no matter where you go. Sometimes you enter through one door and the bad guys are in the north end; sometimes they're in the south end. In one really wacky case, you enter in the middle and there are bad guys in both the north and the south! Woo.

The answer for me is YES, I NOTICE. It's tremendously disappointing.

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In their defense, the combat is a hell of a lot better. Faster, crisper, and I'm playing a mage now, so I'm like Calvin---this is my autobiography where my hands shoot lightning. Story is bland, and my hero is honestly kind of a tool, but knocking off quests is more fun than washing dishes, so I'm still playing. (And the dishes aren't washed.)