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Getting S. to smile is tricky.

S., Kate's friend, age 7, has a stone poker face. Kate's all noise and personality, while S. will go blank in an unfamiliar situation and wait to see what happens.

She stayed over for dinner tonight and we hit Food Anxiety. Like, I want to stay for dinner, but the food will be *weird*. Worse, S.'s mother is a pediatrician, so when I poured out some potato chips she was like, no I don't want to get in trouble with my mother.

I told her I wouldn't tell her mom. She said, NO.

The Food Anxiety was big. She wanted a turkey sandwich, NO lettuce, NO ketchup, NO cheese. I produced a mostly-ripe avocado and she relented, but THAT WAS ALL.

She and Kate wandered off to play some more, and when I said, "Hey, I need some people who want to eat turkey sandwiches" they returned. "This one is for Kate," I said, placing a huge sandwich festooned with trimmings. "And this is for S.," I said, putting a flat, boring sandwich in front of her.

S. gave it the eye, total poker face. Seeing her look, I said, "It's only got turkey, avocado, and chilled monkey brains."

She went a little pale, but never broke expression.

I leaned close and whispered, "It really doesn't have chilled monkey brains."

Pause, and then we got it. First a guarded smile, and then a huge one of relief.

I have my ways.

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